Youtube! Subscribe please <3~

2012-05-16 11:03:49 by KeiKuzco

Hello Newgrounds!
I have a youtube channel!
Right here (Click it!)
Please support me and subscribe <3


2012-03-07 15:21:58 by KeiKuzco

Alright NewGrounds!
You all don't find my username too familiar yet, but I'm coming hard!
I've recently had alot of time on my hands, so I will put that time to use and begin to create flash animations and artwork for all of you to see.

If my name hasn't been familiar lately, it will be very soon.
I'm recently on Stickpage, Fluidanims, Deviantart, and here :P
See yo all soon

Okay I bullshitted

2011-06-20 01:27:38 by KeiKuzco

So my last post informed users that I would soon release a Failed Containment Tribute as well as a Bad-Ass Bunnies Episode....
Now I am backed up with work, so I cannot fulfill this promise

I apologize if any of you were waiting for those, but I will be releasing other anims and art at different time, once I do have the time to release the earlier products I will let you all know


Hey there NewGrounders
The 1st episode of the Bad-Ass Bunnies Series will begin soon
I have been creating the BG's n the Storyline up til now
The 1st episode is foretold to be out by or even before November 20th 2011
Stay in touch

And also, the notorious Failed Containment by Terkoiz
will soon get a tribute by yours truly
Will be out in about 6 months

Bad-Ass Bunnies Series

2010-12-11 00:27:59 by KeiKuzco

Alright NG folks!!
I am thinking about making a series of animations using the same animation technique as the great Mottis (Creator of BunnyKill) Now I hear what you're all saying "Kei you copy-cat whore fucker bitch!! That's Mottis's style punk bitch" Ha...ha...ha...I already got the okay from Mottis to use the style, and I also got permission to use the character Snowball (Although he will not be a profound character in mt story) So I would just like some feedback or some animation ideas from you ppl. Like BG designs, Storylines, Character Design, etc.

Thanks again NewGrounds
You too Mottis


2010-04-06 18:55:41 by KeiKuzco

MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! For all of you who believe Emerald Clash is over then u couldnt be more further from the truth, jus wanted to see what u guys would say if u thought it was over. HA!!!


2010-03-25 18:16:22 by KeiKuzco

Just Submitted emerald Clash!!!
watch it!!!


2010-03-07 20:11:44 by KeiKuzco

okay, so this is alittle harder then i woulda first expected...but hey!

right now i am working on my sonic v shadow'll atleast take me about 1-2 months at the most!!

My Starting Point!!

2010-03-05 18:48:09 by KeiKuzco


I am Kei, a brand new sprite and stick figure animators....
I'm really looking forward to being a part of this website, its soooo cool.
And there are soooo many people who share the same passion i do.

In Other News-
I will be beginning a series called:

It will consist of Sonic, and Megaman Sprites, with cool remix songs of music u may already know of....

thanks for reading, and i hope u enjoy when it begins....THANK YOU!!!!

oh and ima do a short on "Sonic v Shadow"
yea i no its played out, but i wanna do one.